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About the Artist:

Aischa Panning (artistname "Shanti al Ilham") was born in 1980 near Berlin (Germany) and lives currently in Milano (Italy). Already in her childhood her artistic talent was discovered and promoted. After her business studies she learned the occupation of nurse and continued practicing it in hope to qualify herself for a charitable job in the development aid.

In the year 2000 she embraced the islamic religion. It was not easy to arrange her artistic talent with the islamic rules. So she started to paint only islamic paintings. With her paintings she tries to show the people the beauty of Islam.

In 2009, she took in Egypt (Alexandria) calligraphy lessons and extended her knowledge and skill in following calligraphy directions "Naskh", "Riqa '", "Thuluth", "Farsi" and "Diwani".


The artist is very careful by choosing only materials which are Halal (lawful) in the islamic religion. For example it's forbidden to write down the name of Allâh or Qur'ân with impurities. So, she is using for her paintings only brushes from synthetic, goat- or oxhair, instead of using brushes from pig's bristle or other animals which are forbidden to eat (and use) in Islam.