Abstract III Islamic Art and Calligraphy- Dot painting

Title: "Abstract III"

Size: 120x60cm (8cm deep edges)



You may order this painting also in other sizes or colors.

The work of one painting takes about 3 working days.


Detail abstract III




Detail abstract III
Detail abstract III
Detail abstract III
Detail abstract III
Detail abstract III
Detail abstract III


This painting is a composition of different 
artwork styles.. such as islamic calligraphy (included writings are "lâ 
ilâha illallâh", "Allâh" and "Al-Razzâq"), dot painting (that comes original 
from the Aborriginies of Australia), 3dimensional elements etc.

The meaning of the painting may depents from the eye of the viewer. But 
original I got the idea by thinking for the hardships of the people in 
Africa who don't find water to drink.. the meaning of the circles in the dot 
painting are waterholes and "Al-Razzâq" is a name of Allâh that means "the 
Provider".. by meaning that he is the One who give and that we should ask 
only Him when we are in need of something... even we are collecting 
donations for building wells but we should never forget that everything 
comes from Him. :-)
The leaves and sandparticle in the picture staying for the life in this 
world- by meaning that everything needs water to live.. there would be no 
life without water- and no water without Allâh! ;-)