Title: "Longing for Paradise"

Größe: 60x80cm



Wohnbeispiel Mohn  


SubhânAl-lâhi wa Bihamdihi, SubhânAl-lâhi-l-^Adhîm
"How perfect Allaah is and I praise Him. How perfect Allaah is, The Supreme."
The Prophet Muhammad  said: "The two words , which are light on the tongue, heavy on the Scale and beloved to The Most Gracious: 'SubhânAl-lâhi wa Bihamdihi, SubhânAl-lâhi-l-^Adhîm.' (Al-Bukhari7/168 und Muslim 4/2072
Verse 31-32 of Surah an-Nabâ' (die Kunde):
<<Lo! for the duteous is achievement - (31) Gardens enclosed and vineyards, (32)>>