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New in our Gallery:

Wedding-Paintings and Shanti's Jewelry

Order your individuell Painting for your wedding (decorated with the names of the marriage partners)


wedding PaintingWedding Painting

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The Characteristics of "Shanti al-Ilhams" ART:

  • She only uses Qur'anic and authentic Hadith scripture. 

  • contemporary Islamic paintings with unique designs created and written by hand.

  • >Painted only on top-quality canvas and using high quality artists colors

  • For manufacturing of this paintings only Halal-materials has been used

  • The  paintings are varnished to protect the work and your investment for years to come.

  • Her art work has more than asthetic appeal; discover,  understand, contemplate the true religion of Islam. 

  • In restaurants and also at home- this pictures are eye-catchers on every wall.

  • A great islamic gift for all events, including Eid (islamic Festivities) or as present for wedding.


Special offers and Ideas:

  • Purchase any of our paintings and we will donate 20% into our project "Arte per Acqua" inshaa'Allaah.

  • Decorate a mosque. Purchase a painting and give it to any Mosque for the sake of Allâh Subhâna wa Ta^ala.

  • Purchase a painting as gift for special events like wedding or new born child etc.